Climate-neutral Institute

The SERI Board decided on its meeting in 2016 to compensate its CO2 emissions business trips. Based on the calculations from 2017 on SERI so far compensated for more than 65.000 kg CO2.
This means that more than 20 “Save 80” stoves have been financed for the time-period from 2017-2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, there were virtually no business trips.


Offset project "Save 80" stoves:

  • Reduction of wood consumption.
  • Type "Save80" wood stoves save 80 percent firewood for cooking.
  • Firewood costs (Africa) to food costs are about 10 to 1 (in Europe 1 to 1).
  • Avoidance of harmful smoke and accidents, especially affecting women and children.
  • Reduction of deforestation over a wide area, thus reducing landscape erosion.
  • Each stove saves about 2 to 3 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • Job creation through local production with new sources of income.



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