SERI Germany e.V.

At SERI Germany we explore sustainable development options for Europe, and analyses the impact of European policies on other parts of the world. We work in interdisciplinary teams with expertise across natural sciences, economics, social sciences and humanities. We are dedicated to high standards of research quality, and emphasis the necessity of knowledge transfer, science-policy-society interfaces, and results having to stand the test of real-world applicability. Our fellows, therefore, are active in civil society organisations, from environmental and environmental justice organisations via trade unions to religious institutions. To facilitate outreach, SERI Germany offers free access to studies, publications and educational material we produce as far as publishers’ restrictions permit doing so; we strongly support open access for all publications of research results.

SERI Germany e.V. was founded as a private, independent, not-for-profit research centre in 2005.

The study which triggered the founding of SERI

Reducing Consumption Level

Where can households make a difference to reduce the environmental aspect of their every day life? How can the external factors shaping consumption decisions set supportive incentives? To which extend does consumption contribute to our happiness and...

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Environmental justice

The access to a healthy environment and to natural resouces is rather unevenly distributes between countries and among the inhabitans of countries. Therefore, envorinmental conflicts rise over resource extraction, the locations of procuction sites or...

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Care, labour and reproduction

Work and ecology are policy issues highly relevant on the agenda for both the EU as a whole and all Member States. The European Treaties require an integration of environmental, economic and social policies in order to allow for a Sustainable...

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Science-Policy Interface

“Truth speaks to power, and power implements” is still how many scientists understand their role (if they talk to decision makers at all). However, we are aware that in a knowledge society, expertise is dispersed and knowledge no academic privilege...

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem services

Socio-economic approaches to measuring and protecting biodiversity Ecosystem services (ESS) are co-productions of humans and ecosystems. Together they are providing the benefits humans derive from nature. Many services are at risk today, from natural...

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