The access to a healthy environment and to natural resouces is rather unevenly distributes between countries and among the inhabitans of countries. Therefore, envorinmental conflicts rise over resource extraction, the locations of procuction sites or waste disposal in the same way as the world economy uses more materials and energy.



Civil society organizations (CSOs) active in Environmental Justice issues focus on the link between the need for environmental security and the defence of basic human rights. Their main goal is to empower  the communities they support to defend or reclaim their rights. 



Specific contribution by SERI

SERI supports the work through various activities. Quite persice it was involved in the EJOLT project, which broght together a consortium of 23 academic and civil society organizations across a range of fields to promote collaboration and mutual learning among stakeholders who research or use Sustainability Sciences, particularly on aspects of Ecological Distribution. Generally SERI work towards strong sustainable consumption, degrowth and sufficiency aims to reduce environmental burden especially from those suffering most under in-just conditions.

Other areas of activity:


Biodiversity loss, the most significant transgression of the planetary boundaries so far, is going...

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Strong sustainable consumption

Where can households make a difference to reduce the environmental aspect of their every day life?...

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Environmental justice

The access to a healthy environment and to natural resouces is rather unevenly distributes between...

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Resource efficiency and demateralisation

The reduction of natural resource use – in terms of materials, energy and land area – for...

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Degrowth, labour and reproduction

Work and ecology are policy issues highly relevant on the agenda for both the EU as a whole and all...

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Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services ESS are providing the benefits humans derive from nature. Many services are at...

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Stakeholder activation

Vox populi, or: democracy requires listening. Conceptually, stakeholder participation...

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Science-Policy Interface

“Truth speaks to power, and power implements” is still how many scientists understand their role (if...

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