Dr. Stefan Wahlen

Stefan Wahlen is Assistant Professor at the Sociology of Consumption and Households group at Wageningen University. After completing his undergraduate degree in food and household studies at the University of Bonn (Germany), he went to the University of Helsinki (Finland) to pursue his doctoral studies in consumer economics, which he finalized with a dissertation entitled "Governing Everyday Consumption". Upon completion of his Ph.D. he started working at Wageningen University.

"In my research I am particularly interested in consumption governance, i.e. politics of consumption as well as consumer policy. A particular focus lies in sustainable consumption practices in private households and across the life course. In that sense, households and life courses serve as arenas of everyday life and as immediate contexts of consumption practices. My research investigates, amongst others, food consumption and collaborative lifestyles in relation to social inequalities, social movements and sustainable development."


Stefan's research focusses on consumption as societal phenomenon, for example in relation to food consumption or collaborative lifestyles. He has been guest editor (with Mikko Laamanen) for a special issue on "Lifestyle, Consumption and Social Movements" at the International Journal of Consumer Studies. He is further a board member of the European Sociological Association's (ESA) research network for sociology of consumption. For more information on recent publications and conference presentations, please visit his google scholar profile.

Personal Information

Surname(s) / First name(s) Wahlen, Stefan
Organisation SERI Deutschland e.V.
Telephone(s) +31 317 4 82186
Mobile(s) +31 614 323 862
E-mail(s) mailto:stefan.wahlen@wur.nl
Nationality(-ies) German
Date of birth 03.04.1981
Gender male

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