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Tobias Welz researcher

Personal Information

Surname(s) / First name(s) Welz, Tobias
Organisation SERI Germany e.V.
Adress(es) Berne, Switzerland
Mobile(s) -
E-mail(s) tobias.welz@seri.de
Nationality(-ies) German
Date of birth 23.12.1981
Gender male

Current work focus:

Monitoring sustainable public procurement behaviour on sector level
As part of the NRP73 project on SPP, I analysed five of the most relevant sectors: ICT, building construction, road vehicles, food and catering, and textiles. Results have been published as paper at the 20th ERSCP conference.

Circular Procurement in Swiss public construction activities shown for recycling concrete
The example of recycling concrete is used to demonstrate decoupling possibilities for adding value while at the same time achieving massive savings in CO2 emissions. As part of a national multi-stakeholder dialogue, various projects from NRP73 engage in a transfer of knowledge to the economy. As for SPP I developed a national scenario on how to integrate recycling concrete for public construction activities.

Life-Cycle Costing as a holistic approach for Circular Procurement In Switzerland, there are currently some efforts thinking about the topic of LCC especially for SPP. As for this particular process I took a closer look at the role of strategic procurement and procurement practice in the context of circular procurement and sufficiency.

SPP and 1.5-Degree Lifestyles How could 1.5 degree lifestyles in SPP look like?
Based on the approach "1.5-Degree Lifestyles: Towards a Fair Consumption Space for All", I analyse on which extent the public sector needs to change its lifestyle (procurement behaviour) in order to achieve this goal.